Silver Valley Area-
This Silver Valley gets its name from all the Silver mines over in the Shoshone County area. This area consist of the following smaller towns-
Pinehurst, Idaho
Kellogg, Idaho
Osburn, Idaho
Kingston, Idaho
Smelterville, Idaho
Wallace, Idaho
Mullan, Idaho
This is a beautiful Valley area with mountains on both side. A great majority of the land is either Coeur d’ Alene National Forest or the Saint Joe National Forest. This area is an outdoor getaway. This is one of the best areas to escape on your weekends! Wether you want to get away for camping, hunting, floating the river, fishing, huckleberry picking this area is only a short drive away to escape and not have cell phone service. When it comes to winter sports this area is not lacking there either. Ski areas include Lookout Pass and Silver Mountain. And just like all the other areas there are golf course to play and discover too. Silver Valley is spread out all the way to the Montana/Idaho Boarder. There are so many areas to explore it will keep you busy on your time off. What are you waiting for-Get out and discover all the great things that northern Idaho has to offer.